Corporate Tax Services

Corporate Tax Services in Hamilton & Stoney Creek

Corporate tax returns must be filed separately from the personal returns, but they should always be considered with your financial strategy in mind. That's how The Accounting Place helps you to grow your business wealth.

Tax Efficient Structuring To Improve Your Wealth Retention

A corporation is a separate legal entity. This requires your corporation to file its’ own tax returns, separate and distinct from your personal tax returns. The fact that, as an individual, you may own the corporation does not change this requirement.

There are two primary advantages to operating your business through a corporate structure.  First, a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation (CCPC) offer owner-managers an opportunity to use the Income Tax Act to their advantage by using the lower tax rates available with corporations.   Secondly, a CCPC provides limited liability to you - the shareholder – in the event your business is sued or encounters other unforeseeable events.

What's Involved with a Corporation?

Hear how a corporations can affect you, your business and your wealth retention plan and goals.

Taking Your Personal Taxes Into Account For Greater Peace Of Mind

Tax efficient structuring for your financial affairs, both personal and corporate, result in lower overall income taxes rates.  This increases your overall wealth retention, and like most financial decisions, needs to be in place before it’s too late.

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Taxation is your single largest annual expense. We'll help you keep it at a minimum.