COVID-19 - You Do NOT Have to Visit Our Office …

Posted Mar 18th, 2020

COVID-19 - You Do NOT Have to Visit Our Office …

In light of the current pandemic and Ontario's Stay at Home measures, please note that you do not have to visit our offices in order provide us with your information or to sign documents.  In fact, we’d prefer not to visit with you this year…

For the health and safety of our staff and our clients, please note that effective March 18, 2020, The Accounting Place will begin electronic communications and tax return preparation as the preferred method during the current tax season.  Please see "Sending Documents Electronically to The Accounting Place" for details.

The Accounting Place has been set up for a number of years to complete tax returns and converse with our clients electronically using secure server transfer methods.  As such, access to our office will be restricted to using the following procedures.

Our Preference:
Existing Clients – We will not be using the E-Courier system as in other years.  Please contact our office by e-mail using our Contact Page.  Staff will then set you up for access to our secure server to allow you to transfer your tax information to us in a PDF format for completion.  Communications will be completed by telephone or virtual meeting with our Tax Professionals.

New Clients – If you have not had your personal tax returns completed by The Accounting Place in 2019, please follow the same procedure as above for existing clientele on our Contact Page.  The difference will be that we will need you to also send us a copy of your 2019 tax returns and also complete, sign and return an Authorization allowing us to access your account at Canada Revenue Agency.


All slips and information can be couriered or mailed to us, but be sure to include your contact information.  Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for delayed or lost correspondence and we recommend that you retain a copy of the documents being sent. 

A Secure Drop Box is now available in the hallway outside of our office door.  Please place your information into the envelope provided, write your name, telephone and e-mail on the front of the envelope and deposit into the drop box.  We will contact to for any information that may be missing.

If these methods do not work for you, please contact our office at 905-664-1010 or 1-866-938-1010 to see if we can come up with a workable alternative for your situation.

PLEASE NOTE:  Finance Canada has indicated that there will not be an extension of due dates for 2020 Tax Returns.

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